This cluster aims at inspiring students to explore their faculty of imagination in the pursuit of absolute beauty through colours and shapes. Imagination and creativity in Fine Arts will enable the students explore further the horizons of cosmos and qualities of the soul. Their creations in Fine Arts will thus be external manifestations of the inner self. Under this cluster, activities in Fine Arts painting are conducted . At its best, we attempt to create conducive atmosphere where basic skills in Fine Arts, apart from the qualities associated with artistic expressions, will be of much use for students as far as their employability and self-sufficiency are concerned.

Head Dr. Kalpesh Kansara
Sr.No. Member Name
1. Dr. Sanjay D. Patel
2. Dr. Amina I. Nakhuda
3. Dr. Hurmaz Patel
4. Dr. Pratiksha V. Desai
5. Dr. Rudri C. Purohit
6. Prof. Benaifar Dumasia
7. Dr. Brijesh Mehta
8. Prof. Vishva Mehta
9. Prof. Ronak Vadiwala

Glimpses of Events and Competitions